Volunteer at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018! 

Applications to volunteer have not been opened yet. Please click here to sign up to receive the application form when it is ready.

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Tryon 2018 Management has identified roughly 9,000 volunteer positions over 3 weeks, working 2-3 shifts per day. Approx 8,000 of this positions are supporting the operations (non-Equestrian) side of WEG, and 1,000 supporting the Equestrian Discipline Managers and Vet Team.

In Normandy and Lexington, there were an average of 3,600 individual volunteers recruited, trained, and managed. We expect 3,500 to 4,000 will be selected for Tryon.  We have received inquiries online from 4,000 people interested in more information about our application process. The online application is not yet available.

The online application will include four parts:

  • Creation of login and password
  • Entering of security information
  • Vetting questions
  • Uniform payment ($35)



  • What can a volunteer expect? Camaraderie & FUN! The Tryon WEG 2018 Volunteer Corp is comprised of exceptional individuals who have been selected to serve based on unique skills and abilities. They serve to support officials and staff in preparation for and during the WEG. Not everyone who signs up is selected!


  • Volunteers will receive credentials to enter the events where they are working, free of charge, for use on the days they are working. We cannot guarantee that volunteers will be positioned to “see” the WEG events while they are on duty.  


  • Credentials will be coded to allow entry to a Volunteer Canteen for meals on days of service. Volunteers will receive scheduled breaks.


  • Volunteers will receive 1 pass to the World Equine Expo for each day that they are scheduled to work. Expo passes are transferrable.


  • Volunteers will be assigned to a shuttle stop based on their lodging address. They will be shuttled to satellite parking lots along with spectators and then to the venue where they are working.


  • The Volunteer Management Program will assist volunteers with lodging. Two options are available: rental and complimentary. Volunteers requesting complimentary housing will be hosted by local families in the community within a 1.5-hour radius from the venue.


  • Volunteers must purchase a uniform package for $35. This package includes, at minimum: a hat, a pin, and a number of shirts reflective on number of consecutive days schedule to volunteer. Volunteers are expected to wash and wear shirts multiple times.


  • Volunteers will receive a foundation orientation and specific training prior to WEG. An online portal with login and password accessibility will be the “center of knowledge” for volunteers to access their schedules and updates from Discipline Managers and Operations Managers.

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